Thank you to our friends at Modell’s Sporting Goods!

Updated Sunday June 21, 2015 by CYO Web Admin.

Father Fortunatus was hoping to bring the children some sports equipment when he visits his home in Uganda this summer. Although CYO was able to donate some basketball and track items, Fr. Fortunatus wished to bring 25 soccer balls along because of the sport’s popularity. One phone call to John Borrelli, Regional Marketing Supervisor of Modell’s, made that happen. CYO called John to request a minor discount, but Modell’s surprised us with a donation of $400 in gift cards. Fr. Fortunatus was speechless and humbled by their overwhelming generosity. For someone who has done great things for the youth of Massapequa, Fr. Fortunatus is grateful that Modell’s is helping him give more to the children of Uganda.

Thank you from Fr Fortunatus.pdf