Accessing Team Information (Player Assigned Team)

via Team Website

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The Team Website is a feature of your CYO account that allows you to access the following information for each registrant listed on your account.

  • view the registrant's team roster
  • view the registrant's team schedule
  • view team specific news items
  • communicate with the coaches and players listed on the registrant's team roster via email, text, and team chat


How to access the Team Website (via your computer)... 

To access the Team Website via computer, you must log into your CYO account (LOGIN button is on top right of home page).  Click the Team Website button next to each registrant. If you do not have a Team Website button, your team has not yet been created and/or activated.

How to access the Team Website (via your mobile device)...

To access the Team Website on your iOS (iphone) or Android mobile device, download the SI Play App. The app provides easy access to rosters, schedules, scores, email, and team chat for all registrants listed on you account.

About the Team Website ...

  • Team Website is only accessible during the sport season.
  • You will receive an email when your Team Website is activated by CYO and ready to use. If you are not receiving emails from St. Rose CYO, please check your email account's Spam or Junk folder to ensure the message was not filtered.
  • The information (names, emails, cell) on Team Website comes from your CYO account. Access  Frequently Asked Questions (Team Website) for instructions on how to add/update emails, enable texting, and more.
  • To view schedules, standings or results of ALL TEAMS, click Access Team Information (ALL Teams)