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Dear St. Rose CYO Families,
As Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Church and CYO moderator, I would like to welcome you and your family to the CYO Ministry. As mentioned in the CYO Mission Statement, we believe that personal development is enhanced when the lessons and responsibilities taught in the home and in the church are practiced and sustained on the sport fields. The lessons of whatever sport they participate in can also enhance family relationships.
St. Rose CYO offers opportunities of programs to the youth which they might not otherwise have. They are given the experience to share with others and establish friendships. The children learn to accept victory or defeat productively while acquiring values conducive to healthy adjustments. They learn to accept standards of rules and regulations preparatory to future adulthood and build a foundation of well integrated citizenry. All this is achieved while building their spiritual formation. We invite coaches and their teams to pray together at Mass to build both a team spirit and a person relationship with Christ.
I encourage you and your child to participate in CYO Sports and assist with teaching them the true meaning of sportsmanship and fair play. Our coaches have a great knowledge of their sport, have an incredible willingness to share that knowledge and truly desire that your child have a fun experience while developing their sport skills. 
There are literally hundreds of volunteers whom I would like to thank who dedicate their time and talent to the CYO Ministry. Without volunteers like you, our CYO program could not exist and be the success it is. Like the Old Navy Recruitment line, "Not just a job, but an adventure," our CYO program is staffed by volunteers who see their participation not a duty, but as giving back to the Parish of St. Rose and the community of Massapequa. 
God bless,
Rev. Kenneth M. Zach
Pastor, St. Rose of Lima