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St. Rose CYO - Massapequa, NY

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Your St. Rose CYO Account gives you access to our

  • Registration Processing System
  • Team-Based Communication System
  • Email Communication System

Create a CYO account today to ensure that you receive emails about upcoming registration dates and other CYO related events.


Create an Account

If this is your first time logging into this system, you must first create an account. This is done by clicking green login button on the top right of screen. Then click on 'Create an Account' on the bottom of the account login screen.  You may add two adults and multiple children per account. You only need to create an account once. The data is saved, for your convenience, for future activity.


Already Have an Account

Click the green login button on top right of screen. Input your email and password.

Your CYO account provides you with the following options;

  • Register for a CYO Sport as a Player and/or Coach:  Click on 'Register to Play/Participate' or 'Apply to Coach/Volunteer'. Then select the persons name you wish to register and click on the 'Register Now' button.  The screen that appears will be a list of all sports and/or coaching opportunities that apply to the person you have selected. This list is gender and (grade or age) dependent so please make sure you input the correct gender, grade, and birth date for each person on your account. Once you have completed all your registrations, follow the checkout procedure.


  • View Your Team Website:  Your account is used as a team-based communication tool between coaches and players. When coaches and players are assigned to teams, your account will provide you with your Team Website. Your Team Website will provide you with the ability to view rosters, team chat, email etc.  Important Note: Your email address and phone number will be shared with your team if you indicated 'share with team' on your account.  See 'Your Account Email Address' below for further information.


  • Your Account Email Address:  Our CYO Email Communication System relies on the email addresses you provide on your account. You can update your email addresses by clicking on 'Account Settings'. To change information related to a child or adult, click on the persons name and then click 'Edit'.  Please make note of the 'share with team' option.  If you check off this box, your email will be made public on your Team Website. The 'share with team' option also applies to phone numbers. Please be sure to keep your email addresses and phone numbers current.