SROL Parish - Stay on T.R.A.C.K

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Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Rose of Lima Parish,

This week you and I will be reminded on Ash Wednesday what both John the Baptist and Jesus preached – Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.We can ask ourselves the age-old question, What am I going to do this Lent to aid in that repentance? Should I fast? Should I try to attend Mass more often during the week? Should I give up sweets or television or something else as a personal sacrifice?These are all very good ideas that can bring about some personal change or improvement. Yet I am going to ask you to change the world – or at least a little part of it around here. I am going to ask you TO GET ON TRACK; T-R-AC-K.

TRACK is Thoughtful Random Acts of Christian Kindness. It is what I offer you as a daily alternative to our usual Lenten Sacrifices. Many people have found it to be habit-formingand so spiritually uplifting that they continue to stay on track after Lent and into the Easter Season. Any Thoughtful Random Act of Christian Kindness qualifies – paying for coffee for the person behind you, letting someone go ahead of you in line, saying an extra kind word for a person having a tough day. You get the idea of what to do so Pay It Forwardas good deeds generate more good deeds - and well be posting additional ideas at Strosemassapequa.

In the Gospel for Ash Wednesday (spoiler alert), Jesus encourages all of us to perform our good works of prayer, fasting and almsgiving (charitable acts) in a discrete or secret way so that the reward we receive is given to us by God the Father rather than by human acknowledgement. Still, if someone thanks you, simply smile and say, Please, do something nice for someone else. Pay it Forward.

In an effort for our staying on TRACK to be an evangelizing experience, we will make TRACK business cards available for you to pass out so that others can join in. It reads: I belong to St. Rose of Lima Parish. As part of our Lenten observance, we have embarked on a mission of random acts of kindness. YOU were selected as a beneficiary. All that is asked of you is to perform an act of kindness for someone else.There is also a childs version which says, I DID A GOOD DEED – PASS IT ON!Will you join us in staying on TRACK this Lent?

In our church during Lent, we will planta kindness tree. Like trees during the winter, it will begin totally bare of any leaves. We will have small paper leaves in church so that whenever you are here, we invite you to briefly write down your good deed and hang it on the kindness treeto help everyone see the NEW LIFE each Thoughtful Random Act of Christian Kindness brings in imitation of Jesus Christ who is our resurrection and our life.

Our first goal this Lent is to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ by doing what Jesus did. We may not be able to bring forth miraculous healing, yet we might bring healing simply by listening. We may not be able to forgive sin, but we can certainly be persons who offer forgiveness. Perhaps, you might want to let us know of one of your TRACK experiences so that you might (anonymously) inspire someone who reads about it. We may not be great talkers about our faith, but you might be able to bring someone to one of our upcoming Monday Night Missions when we will have a guest priest preaching, and using, guess what, T-R-A-C-K as their touchstone.

Our second goal is that through these Thoughtful Random Acts of Christian Kindness, we will be consciously responding to Christs call to personal holiness and the living out of the Golden Rule- Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Onto You.What better way to stay on TRACK than to be Jesusambassadors to all of Gods children bringing them His Love and Mercy!

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