2017 College Hoops Champions

Updated Tuesday August 15, 2017 by CYO Web Admin.

The 2017 season of College Basketball has completed with Team Baldinger winning the championship by 3 points.

Special thanks to Brendan McGibney who took the program over and made it possible, to Marty, our weather & ref man and Joseph who scored every game, kept all  the standings and helped with the planning.  Thanks Charlie for being there when we had questions and doing the schedule grid which because of so many rainouts, Brendan did over and over again!

With so much rain, I believe our phones learned to automatically send a group text all hours of the night.

I watched the games at St. Rose Monday night and it warmed my heart to see these young men continue to play basketball and the sportsmanship between them.  Many have been part of St. Rose since kindergarten and they are in some way, the future of St. Rose.

Thank you for all the dedicated hours, we should all be proud of the programs that St. Rose offers our community and the life lessons we are blessed to teach these fine young men and women.


St. Rose CYO Adminstrator