CYO Mass - December 2015

Thank You!

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Dear CYO Family.

On behalf of the staff and volunteers of St. Rose CYO, I would like to thank those of you who were able to celebrate Mass with us on Sunday night and participate afterwards in the tree lighting ceremony and gathering.   For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope that you can make it next year.  We are very blessed to be part of this special community at St. Rose.  CYO is one of many ministries at St. Rose. On Sunday we partnered with a fellow ministry, Parish Outreach, to bring the message of Christmas to those less fortunate.  We welcome this and any opportunity to join together to make our community strong in faith and charity.  

Please take a moment to read the beautiful thank you note from Danielle LaRose at Parish Outreach.  Danielle has also provided a flyer for us that describes the "pantry tours" that she conducts.  All parents/coaches and  players are encouraged to take advantage of Danielle's offer and see firsthand how our charitable works assist the community.  As we continue on this journey together, we look forward to working with you on the Court and praying with you in the Church.  May God bless you and your families.  

Tom Foley
CYO President

"C.Y.O., Don't forget the C"


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